This historical term applies to countless events today

Do you know where the term ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ Comes From
Do you know where the term ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ Comes From
Portrait of King Pyrrhus of Epirus — Image by Public Domain

Not everyone has heard of a Pyrrhic victory, but it’s uttered occasionally in everyday conversation. It was initially coined to describe a victory that was so costly that it was almost a defeat.

An army winning a Pyrrhic victory has been deemed as the official victors, but the tolls they suffered, along with the future cost of those tolls, negates the feeling of achievement. We might be more familiar with the term, ‘hollow victory.’

Pyrrhic victories of today

For an illustration of this, let’s consider a soccer match between teams Y and Z. If team Y beats team Z, but their best player has…

Can we see these historical influences today?

5 Mega World Cities That Really Have Ancient Origins
5 Mega World Cities That Really Have Ancient Origins
Krak des Chevaliers, Syria — Image by Pixabay

Many of our world’s major cities have become common in our vocabulary. Yet, some of them have been around for thousands of years.

From how we view them today, could we even imagine what they must have been like during ancient times?

Let us examine each of these five cities and see what clues their beginnings might provide:


Shouldn’t we be boosting our CQ instead of our IQ?

Image for post
Image for post
Image by Pixabay

It is quite impressive what we humans have accomplished in our history.

We have the ability to construct bodily organs, kill germs with antibiotics, and even walk on the moon. And experts claim our innovation will grow exponentially in the coming decades.

Yet 1.3 billion people, roughly 22% of the world’s entire population, live in multidimensional poverty¹. This includes families who have incomes above the poverty line, but they still lack necessities like clean water, electricity, or clean toilets.

Also, during the 20th century, when human knowledge reached new highs, we witnessed a sickening number of world genocides². And if…

And did they ever fall hard

5 Big Celebrities That Crashed and Burned
5 Big Celebrities That Crashed and Burned
Red Carpet at the Academy Awards — Image by Public Domain

Our society has created celebrities in practically every aspect of our culture. Just think of any discipline, and there are big-time stars associated with that discipline.

As to how famous and how ‘big’ a particular celebrity has gotten depends on the girth of their discipline. For instance, a popular vocalist is always more significant than a popular bowler. This is no offense to the bowler; it’s just that the vocalist is exposed to many more fans.

Some celebrities fall extra hard

Regardless of the discipline and its size, we fans are the ones who create these celebrities. …

A remarkable test of human despair and spirit

Here are 5 Events that Made the Great Depression Inevitable
Here are 5 Events that Made the Great Depression Inevitable
Farm buried by dust storm during the Great Depression — Image by Pixabay

The Great Depression was among the darkest times in all of American history. Circumstances were beyond dire and the spirit of humanity was fiercely challenged.

So deadly were its effects that its influence scarred the entire world. Those who experienced it firsthand often share moving stories of despair and hope. It was indeed an experience that one had to witness to truly understand its destruction.

Figuring out why the Great Depression occurred

The Great Depression took place from 1929 to 1939. It is quite common for many to blame it solely on the October 1929 United States stock market crash — at least for its beginning. …

Compelling new factors have changed minds

Scientists Believe Intelligent Beings Exist in the Milky Way
Scientists Believe Intelligent Beings Exist in the Milky Way
Milky Way Galaxy — Image by Pixabay

For generations, one of the elements of the human mind has been to wonder. One of those shared wonder streams has been whether or not other life exists in our universe.

Thousands of brilliant minds have chimed in on this topic over the years. And we have heard many credible reasons why and why not other life forms could live in our vast universe.

Human logic

When putting emotions aside, we can approach this topic with sound logic. We fully understand that the universe is both harsh and complicated.

Most of us also understand that life requires a complex set of conditions…

Strong physics supports the idea of multiverses

Here are 5 Fascinating Types of Multiverses
Here are 5 Fascinating Types of Multiverses
Image by Pixabay

As if one universe isn’t fascinating enough, physicists tell us that several others are probably out there for our amusement.

But there’s a catch; we first have to wrap our heads around the idea before the amusement kicks in.

We need to start with a clarification of what they are.

What are multiverses?

Multiverses represent a theoretical concept used in particle physics and modern cosmology that potential universes can manifest in some form or fashion.

In addition to this, several different types of these possible universes can exist. Some of the models for these multiverses can get quite complex and extravagant.

As to…

3 ways to remove obstacles you have built against a life of happiness

How to Master the Fine Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way
How to Master the Fine Art of Getting Out of Your Own Way
Image by Pixabay

We spend most of our lives striving.

We strive for what we think will make us happy and contented. And it’s usually the same old things that we all try to seek: wealth, promotions, prestige, perfect soulmate, and so forth.

Too few of us ever learn that our approach is usually inside out. When we finally figure this out, oftentimes, it’s when we are older, and most of our life is already over.

Society leads us astray

Our society teaches us to decide what you want and go after it with our entire being and all our energy. …

How biomes fit into the world’s geography

Do You Know What Biomes Really Are
Do You Know What Biomes Really Are
Image by Pixabay

As the environment and climate change are becoming a greater concern with each passing day, we see more and more relatively new terms. One of those terms is the word ‘biome.’

How many people really understand what that means?

I must admit that I wasn’t sure. I kind of knew but wasn’t sure if I could describe it to someone else.

Understanding biomes

Understanding biomes is much easier when you see how they fit into the grand scheme of things. As we all know, geography is the study of how cultures relate to their physical environment.

One of those environments is the…

The suspected forces behind evil acts

4 Interesting Social Theories that Explain Deviant Behavior
4 Interesting Social Theories that Explain Deviant Behavior
Image by Pixabay

Deviant behavior may be the best way to describe the year 2020. In terms of criminal acts and mob mentality, 2020 didn’t seem to miss a beat.

What would cause so many people to engage in such open hostility?

Of course, there were troubling issues, but the same could be said about any other year. Perhaps sociologists have some answers for some of this outrage.

Deviant behavior is defined as behaviors that go against the primary norms of a given society. Over the years, experts have proposed lots of theories in an attempt to explain acts of deviance.

These theories…

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