The suspected forces behind evil acts

4 Interesting Social Theories that Explain Deviant Behavior
4 Interesting Social Theories that Explain Deviant Behavior
Image by Pixabay

Deviant behavior may be the best way to describe the year 2020. In terms of criminal acts and mob mentality, 2020 didn’t seem to miss a beat.

What would cause so many people to engage in such open hostility?

Of course, there were troubling issues, but the same could be said about any other year. Perhaps sociologists have some answers for some of this outrage.

Deviant behavior is defined as behaviors that go against the primary norms of a given society. Over the years, experts have proposed lots of theories in an attempt to explain acts of deviance.

These theories have provided reasons why people participate in deviant behavior — and they have included psychological explanations, sociological explanations, and biological explanations. Let us examine the four major sociological explanations. …

Evaluating the world’s many connections and divides

How to Understand the Pros and Cons of Globalization
How to Understand the Pros and Cons of Globalization
Will Globalization really bring the world together? — Image by Pixabay

Depending on how it affects you, the term globalization may induce a warm and fuzzy feeling, or it may scare the daylights out of you.

One fact we can’t get around is when we look at all the products and goods we own, many of them aren’t made in our country¹. Therefore, we could assume this is one of the good things about globalization.

But not so fast …

We don’t know who or what people may have suffered in the process of getting those products into our possession². So that might be a bad thing about globalization.

Although widely acclaimed by many who hold large platforms, globalism has become a double-edged sword of sorts. It’s quite easy to preach from the back of your limo how great globalization would be — but do you really even know what’s best for the world's populous? Probably not. …

The quantum world seems to suggest one

Have Physicists Discovered a New Particle
Have Physicists Discovered a New Particle
Image by Pixabay

What, another subatomic particle?

Just when I was beginning to get my head around quarks, gluons, leptons, and fermions, another particle shows up?

Recently, physicists from Princeton observed what they described as ‘unexpected quantum behavior’ in an insulator constructed of tungsten ditelluride. The surprising part is that the observed activity, which is called quantum oscillation, is generally something they see in metals instead of insulators.

This observation provides completely new insight regarding the way scientists view the quantum world. The discovery also suggests the existence of a new kind of quantum particle — with a new characteristic.

A new definition of metals and insulators?

This event is now challenging a long understood belief of how insulators and metals differed. In the well-established quantum theory of materials, insulators were believed not to experience any quantum oscillation. …

Greed on full display in American history

Here are the 4 Worst Robber Barons
Here are the 4 Worst Robber Barons
Gilded Age cartoon depicting monopolists overseeing US Congress — Image by Public Domain

Many Americans like capitalism — until it crushes them. Unfortunately, this is something that has happened too many times. Because of capitalism, America’s economy has a nasty habit of swinging from boom to bust over random time periods.

While supporters quickly point out, “Hey, the economy always bounces back.” What good is an economic rebound to those families who lost everything they worked for?

Over the years, American governmental leaders have implemented several laws to regulate and smooth out the violent swings in the market place. The robber barons were a major reason that regulation laws were originally drafted.

American robber barons

The term ‘robber baron’ refers to early capitalists of the late 1800s and early 1900s. These men managed to amass enormous sums of money through what many believed were questionable…

Fighting for a worthy cause is never wasted.

5 Great American Rebels That We Must Not Forget
5 Great American Rebels That We Must Not Forget
Image by Pixabay

We’ve all seen and admired them. I’m talking about the rebels in our society who are not afraid to speak truth to power.

Those who burn with a white-hot passion for justice and stop at nothing to fight for their cause.

Many rebels from our history have demonstrated bravery and determination to reject the evil opponents of their time.

Let us remember these great rebels and honor them. While we may not agree entirely with their cause, we can find inspiration from their spirit.

Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

The bodies of water behind the famous phrase

Do You Know the Seven Seas
Do You Know the Seven Seas
The bay of Vai (Crete, Greece) — Image by Public Domain

Can you remember when you first heard the phrase ‘seven seas’?

I certainly can’t.

But I know I’ve heard it many times. When I hear the phrase, I think back to hearing it in songs and reading it in books.

Specifically, I hear the lyric, “Sailed the world and the Seven Seas …” from the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and their fabulous vocalist, Annie Lennox. In particular, musicians have totally embraced the phrase as countless recording artists have been using it in lyrics for decades.

A figure of speech?

Many people think that ‘the seven seas’ is just a figure of speech to those who sailed worldwide. Yet, it is believed that the term was originally coined by poet Rudyard Kipling in 1896, who wrote an anthology of poetry called The Seven Seas. …

Incredibly outrageous ideas for global transportation

5 Crazy Ass Transcontinental Highways That Have Been Considered
5 Crazy Ass Transcontinental Highways That Have Been Considered
Image by Pexels

One of the most underrated ideas over the last century was President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s interstate highway system¹.

Could you imagine trying to use state routes for interstate travel today?

In my opinion, this was one of the most practical ideas of the twentieth century. Very few people give it much thought — even though they use interstate highways daily.

But as with most great ideas, other people come along and try to improve upon the initial concept.

One could naturally anticipate the unveiling of transcontinental highways as a piggyback on the great interstate idea because it just makes sense. …

Three big risks for not taking the helm

Why Qualified People Refuse to Lead
Why Qualified People Refuse to Lead
Image by Pixabay

We see it all the time within our workplace.

The dude two cubes down is not just productive; he is quite smart and charismatic. Or the vastly experienced middle-aged lady down the hall who has enchanting influence with most anyone.

Yet we see one managerial position after another become available, and none of these capable people will step up to the plate. This seems like a waste, and it can be downright frustrating.

Why do these qualified people pass on these wonderful opportunities? Opportunities that would put their lives and careers on a brand new trajectory.

Three (3) types of risks

As it turns out, most of them pass on these job openings for a few basic reasons — three of them to be exact. This is what was discovered during a recent survey conducted by a team of business professors and posted on Harvard Business Review¹. …

Resolving them is more than a simple challenge

Here are 3 Disturbing Factors that Cause Global Poverty
Here are 3 Disturbing Factors that Cause Global Poverty
Image by Pixabay

We read the news, see the horrifying images from isolated regions of the world, and get outraged. World poverty is something that all of us should care about — it’s an attack on humanity itself.

Our world contains too much prosperity for anyone to suffer and do without the basic necessities. This is especially true for suffering children who have the greatest needs of all.

How many times do good people open up their wallets for the cause, yet it seems to have very little impact. It makes us want to scream.

Unfortunately, we will scream even louder when we take a deeper look into what causes this blight of poverty afflicting our planet. …

Technology can never replace them

4 Human Skills that will be Valuable in the Future
4 Human Skills that will be Valuable in the Future
Image by Pixabay

The mainstream media loves to shower doom and gloom stories on us about how technology will render humans useless one day. They describe a future world where robots will be performing all tasks and possibly even making all decisions after the singularity.

But I got news for them.

The basic skills that humans can provide are not only irreplaceable; they are exclusive — and no machine can ever mimic them. After all, didn’t humans create the technology, to begin with?

Whenever feeling discouraged by our place in this technologically driven world in which we find ourselves, just a simple reminder is needed regarding the powerful human skills we possess. …


Charles Stephen

Retired Scientist and Jogger. Experienced online publisher since 2006.

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