Studies reveal significant changes in wildlife appendages

Climate Change is Now Causing Animals to Change their Body Shapes

Climate change has been a lightning rod of a topic for the last few decades.

Regardless of where any of us stand on the issue, it’s pretty hard to refute what is being observed in the world of science.

While global warming is becoming more and more of a challenge…

Some of these tech terrors are dangerously subtle

4 Real Threats from AI that Should Scare the Daylights Out of Everybody

We’re beginning to experience the things that science fiction movies have been scaring us about all these years.

The ones where evil robots and rogue computers start forcing their will upon us.

If you haven’t noticed, those things are happening now.

But it’s even worse now. The technical terrors depicted…

These will leave an indelible scar in our minds

We’ve witnessed some volatile events in these modern times, but the decade of the 2010s has to rank up there among the worst of them. As it stands today, that decade has proven to be a doorway into the incredibly polarized environment in which we find ourselves today. …

How about the big lie nested within that lie?

We humans are a fascinating lot.

Our skulls are used to house a boatload of contradictory thoughts, and then our sense of logic works overtime to justify the existence of such thoughts.

We go through our lives sorting through a myriad of personal philosophies that are greatly influenced and established…

Disappointing political leaders who fail us has become the norm

Subtle Shifts that Show a Leader is Abandoning Their Promises

Blah, blah, blah.

That’s what campaign slogans are beginning to sound like every two years in the United States.

Let me date myself for a moment.

My first presidential election as a voter was in 1976. …

Some believe this supernova is only the beginning of what’s to come

Exciting New Breed of Supernovas Could be Formed When Zombie Stars Slam into Live ones

As much as we know about space today, the wonders of deep space are still astounding.

There’s no way that we mere humans could ever comprehend the environment or the forces at work there.

Such is the case of what a new study has revealed. Astronomers recently discovered that a…

Isn’t it time to agree to disagree and move on?

4 Solid Reasons Why American Politics is Fiercely Polarized

Could you imagine a political environment where congressional Democrats and Republicans had thriving personal relationships with one another away from Congress?

Where even their families would get together for social functions?

Actually, they once did. And it wasn’t that long ago.

Supreme Court nominees received nearly unanimous confirming votes during…

Ideas that are taking minds and thoughts to exciting new levels

Bizarre Objects that Could Actually Exist in the Universe

Space has always fascinated humans.

But what space has to show us must be gradually consumed — because often it defies all reason — at least the reason that we’ve grown to understand on Earth.

Imagine describing to our ancient ancestors the idea of space-time or the existence of black…

Will they really help or just break the Earth even further?

3 Promising Geoengineering Solutions for Climate Change

As our world moves forward in time, we’ve learned that innovation has proven to be its savior time and time again.

When it seems that humankind has run out of answers about feeding its hungry or maintaining global health, an idea comes out of nowhere to save the day. …

Will science really be able to write entire genomes in the future?

4 Potential Breakthroughs and Humans will Finally Get to Play God

We’ve all experienced a narcissistic moment or two in our lives.

You know, the time when you wondered what it’d be like to become CEO of your own company. And if you dared, you wondered what it’d be like to become God of the entire universe one day.

While becoming…

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