Some believe this supernova is only the beginning of what’s to come

Exciting New Breed of Supernovas Could be Formed When Zombie Stars Slam into Live ones
Image by Public Domain

Story behind supernovas

Isn’t it time to agree to disagree and move on?

4 Solid Reasons Why American Politics is Fiercely Polarized
Image by Pixabay

Political viewpoints in a nutshell

Ideas that are taking minds and thoughts to exciting new levels

Bizarre Objects that Could Actually Exist in the Universe
Image by Public Domain

Mysteries of space are infinite

Will they really help or just break the Earth even further?

3 Promising Geoengineering Solutions for Climate Change
Image by Pixabay

Will science really be able to write entire genomes in the future?

4 Potential Breakthroughs and Humans will Finally Get to Play God
Image by Pixabay

Begins with the reading of genomes

Good politics has always been about compromise and always will be

Here are 6 Ways to Reduce Political Polarization
Image by Pixabay

The northern hemisphere could plummet into periods of extreme cold

Scientists Fear that the Gulf Stream May Soon Collapse
Image by Public Domain

What is the Gulf Stream?

There were several failed attempts to colonize the Americas

5 Lesser-Known Failed Colonies in Historic North America
The Lost Colony of Roanoke — Image by Britannica

Will America ever redeem itself?

Blatant Reasons No One Trusts or Respects the United States Government
Image by Pixabay

Smoke reaches the North Pole for the first time in history

Wildfires in Siberia
Wildfires raging in Irkutsk and TransBaikal regions this summer — Image by Siberian Times

The mother of all wildfires

Charles Stephen

Retired Scientist and Jogger. Experienced content publisher since 2006.

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