Certain data is hard to refute

Humans have Caused Global Warming

A decades-old debate has requested proof of climate change along with any evidence that humans have caused climate change in the first place.

In some circles, this is a very touchy topic that spurs hours of heated discussions.

Scientists have reported that the current global warming trends we see originally…

Global freedoms have been steadily eroding since 2006

When the 20th Century Ended, Global Democracy was Incredibly Strong

It used to be that the world saw democracy as an ultimate achievement for a nation. It was seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of government and ideology.

Even today, many refer to democracy as a gold standard of sorts.

In the United States, whenever its two political parties are bashing…

When a greedy mirage overcomes all common sense

Explorers Who Died Seeking Utopia and the Riches of Mythical Cities

The promise of wealth and riches has destroyed many throughout the history of humankind.

It’s almost as if attaining such things overrode everything else that mattered to these people. They often abandoned things that they once represented.

As indicated in the list of six explorers below, these men were successful…

Life sometimes needs a handbook to point out its hidden facts

16 Powerful Little Known Facts to Help Manage Your Life

One of life’s worst experiences occurs when we adopt a belief or philosophy that only leads to disappointment. This is incredibly frustrating after we’ve mentally and even emotionally invested in that belief.

The fact is that there’s a multitude of common myths out that are notoriously unreliable or just plain…

Studies reveal significant changes in wildlife appendages

Climate Change is Now Causing Animals to Change their Body Shapes

Climate change has been a lightning rod of a topic for the last few decades.

Regardless of where any of us stand on the issue, it’s pretty hard to refute what is being observed in the world of science.

While global warming is becoming more and more of a challenge…

Charles Stephen

Retired Scientist and Jogger. Experienced content publisher since 2006.

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