Data indicates a massive decline in population and life quality during the 2040s

Society Still on Track for Global Collapse
Society Still on Track for Global Collapse
Image by Ecowatch

It would be a challenge to find something more credible than an old study that has proven to be correct over many decades — or even centuries.

Such an accomplishment could be compared to the rock-solid hypotheses that have come out of science, such as Newton’s Law of Gravitation.

Such a thing is even more impressive if it stands up to the challenges of today’s tools of science.

Limits of growth report (1972)

A report from the 1970s predicted a global collapse would occur sometime around the 2040s. A new reassessment of this report has indicated that the world is right on track for such…

Why the tech world has so much faith in them

Whenever you take a closer look at quantum computers and how they work, it’s almost surreal. Not many of us are aware of the massive leap these supercomputers represent in processing power.

As mysterious as quantum physics has become to the average person, the same can be said about quantum computers. Their future trajectory will easily surpass today’s most powerful computers.

The role of quantum computers

Bear in mind that quantum computers aren’t here to replace conventional computers. There is no way that could happen because traditional computers solve too many everyday problems. …

The exciting lifespan of universes

Image by Pixabay

The universe we live in is so vast that it’s easy to forget it has a lifespan like most things in our environment.

Only in this case, its lifespan is so far beyond all comprehension that we take it for granted. We never consider that it’s evolving like we are but on a massively different scale.

Many of us have trouble wrapping our minds around phenomena that we can’t see or touch. To understand many forces in our universe, we have to project our visions outside of our 3D world — the only setting we’ve known.

Even after several great…

Where modern society was born

The World’s First 4 Empires from the Mesopotamian Cradle
The World’s First 4 Empires from the Mesopotamian Cradle
Ruins of Ancient Babylon — Image by Public Domain

When you consider the cradle of Mesopotamia, this is where society started. All of the civilizations today can be traced back to these original empires. From its unique geography, Mesopotamia gave rise to the world’s first-ever cities and also the characteristics of the region’s peoples and culture.

Since floods and storms routinely blasted the region, it led them to worship sky gods. Their faith inspired the construction of mud-brick temples shaped like mountains and was known as ziggurats.

The Land Between Two Rivers

Because there were very few natural internal boundaries, rulers in those times could easily conquer large territories. …

Their feats were bigger than their brand

Battle of Ghagra
Battle of Ghagra
Battle of Ghagra — Image by Public Domain

History has not always been fair.

Everyone has heard about great military leaders like Genghis Khan and Napoleon, but other generals demonstrated genius-level prowess on the battlefield.

For whatever reason, many of these great generals have not been adequately recognized for their accomplishments.

Let us now recognize four of these incredible military strategists.

Basil the Bulgar-Slayer

How technological naivety could lead to the ultimate betrayal

5 Vulnerable Layers of the Internet and International Cyberspace
5 Vulnerable Layers of the Internet and International Cyberspace

Try to put your mind around the sheer scope of the Internet for a second.

Almost 4 million Google searches are performed every minute. And during that same minute, roughly 20 websites are getting hacked.

Thus, cyberspace is beyond enormous; it is practically inconceivable.

Unfortunately, the size of the Internet is not the thing that we least comprehend about cyberspace. Most of us have no concept of its gapping vulnerability.

The Structure of Cyberspace

In a world controlled by humans, along with their weaknesses and flaws, an entity that has become as massive and influential as cyberspace will not exist without becoming a prime…

As they say, “All is fair in love and war”

4 Well Known People who benefited from Nazi Terror
4 Well Known People who benefited from Nazi Terror
Image by Public Domain

People go to great lengths to justify questionable behavior.

It seems they behave predictably and reliably until they step into a particular arena. For many people, these arenas represent power and money, and sometimes even love.

The amazing thing is how their personal philosophies seem to change temporarily. And to make matters worse, outsiders who seek to gain their favor utter the same nonsense in support.

Sadly, this ‘unpredictable’ behavior has become entirely predictable in certain avenues like politics and the mainstream media. But there was one point in time when justifying questionable behavior went off the charts.

During the…

It does seem that history repeats itself

Image by Pixabay

History teaches a hard lesson about empires — they eventually fall. So far, none of the mighty civilizations in the history of our planet have circumvented this fact.

While some may claim that a particular empire overcame obstacles of their time and prevailed, a closer look will often indicate that such an empire was significantly modified to the point it wasn’t the same anymore.

Whether it’s by destruction or corruption — or both — it will happen.

This is precisely how Rome went down — more or less. But the wake of Rome’s destruction would send Europe spiraling into the…

Human nature comes with a desire to see the heavens

Amazing Achievements in Space Technology
Amazing Achievements in Space Technology
Image by Public Domain

Humans have been enamored with heavenly bodies and celestial objects since the dawn of time.

There are many indications of this from the countless historical stargazing sites found across the globe. From Stonehenge to the Aztec’ Sun Stone,’ humankind has been drawn to the sky above them.

Throughout the passage of time, the celestial observations of our ancestors have proved invaluable. No matter how crude or rudimentary, each fragment of data served to take a step forward in our understanding.

After thousands of years, early stargazers have brought us to these modern times, where data and information about outer space…

Great minds who left behind eternal contributions to humankind

7 Scientists from the 20th Century who are Still Moving the Needle Today
7 Scientists from the 20th Century who are Still Moving the Needle Today
An early method of testing the output of X-rays using a fluoroscope — Image by Public Domain

We are fortunate to be living in the current age. As we routinely use the things that have made our lives better, sometimes we forget all the work and effort that got us to this point.

Passing down the knowledge of science

The great minds of today have benefited from standing on the shoulders of the great minds that came before them. Of course, this is how it’s always been when advancing science, technology, and even thought in general.

As you quickly heat that biscuit in the morning to get your child off to school on time, think of all the combined knowledge behind that microwave…

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