Here are the 4 Key Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology

When societal assumptions can actually benefit humankind

Here are the 4 Key Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology
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Sociological perspectives

A fascinating element of sociology pertains to sociological perspectives. Simply put, a sociological perspective is when sociology observes a general pattern in the lives of a particular group of people.

Theoretical perspectives

A theoretical perspective takes the sociological perspective a step further. In this case, we set an assumption about reality and then decide whether it is true or not.

Conflict Perspective

Karl Marx inspired the conflict perspective. In his writings, the notion of conflicts is caused in society because of the uneven distribution of status, power, and resources.

Functionalist Perspective

A functionalist perspective is sometimes referred to as functionalism, and it all started from the work of French sociologist Émile Durkheim — long considered an original thought leader of sociology.

Micro versus Macro

Perhaps the most significant dividing factor within the applications of sociology pertains to its approach. Even with both theoretical and practical studies, a macro or micro approach can be used. And both approaches are useful and offer their own unique viewpoint.

Interactionist Perspective

American sociologist George Herbert Mead first developed the interactionist perspective. It’s basically a micro approach that hones in on understanding how purpose is established through social interactions.

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