I agree with you. I believe our politics has become a swinging pendulum.

Obama was a reaction to Bush's conservative policies that created a huge wealth gap. Obama ran as a moderate twice, but moved sharply to the left after getting re-elected in 2012.

This caused 9 million Obama 2012 voters to vote for Trump, who was a reaction to Obama's policies.

Biden's campaign primary message is anti-Trump, which appears to be working.

I can't see how a Biden term will be very successful - or anyone's term for that matter. Our economy is so damaged that it may take generations to rebuild and the President takes the blame for that - whether they deserve it or not.

The 2024 election will be another shift to one side or the other.

What happened to the days when all candidates moved to the center after the primaries?

Retired Scientist and Jogger. Experienced online publisher since 2006.

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