Klobuchar was dead meat after it was discovered she let the George Floyd killer off the hook years ago. In fact, it may have ended her political career permanently.

Personally, I don't believe Bernie was ever serious about running. His mission was to move the country left and get paid off by the Dems. It's happened twice! If he were really serious, why didn't he join the Democratic party? Secondly, since when does a true revolutionary cave in so quickly and easily? Most revolutionaries fight tooth and nail to the bitter end.

Bernie scammed millions to fill his own bank account. What else would you expect from someone who continually bitches about rich people not paying taxes, when he pays less than 20% tax every year?

Warren has to be the most corrupt and dishonest person in politics. If white privilege is as prevalent as everyone claims, then why did Warren claim to be Native American??

Retired Scientist and Jogger. Experienced online publisher since 2006.

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